Ki Mizion Ma'aleh Sifrita Chava Rav Aviner עברית

Danon House

Beit Danon is located a few meters from the "Kotel Ha-Katan" (The small Western Wall, which faces the spot of the Holy of Holies) and serves as the Yeshiva's main dormitory

בית דנוןIn 5646 (1886), Ha-Rav Moshe Tzaddik Danon, who arrived from Bosnia, purchased this building as a house for his family and as a synagogue.  This area is called "Rechov Hevron" (Hevron Street), and is extremely close to the Temple Mount and the "Kotel Ha-Katan."  In the past, it was inhabited almost exclusively by Jews.  Following the riots of 5696 (1936), the building was abandoned, but the family protected its ownership.  In 5748 (1988), the ground floor of the building was renovated by Ateret Cohanim as the "Ohel Ben Zion" synagogue and cultural center. The upper floors serve as dormitories for the students of Yeshivat Ateret Yerushalayim.

This building serves as the main dormitory, and houses approximately 100 students.